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Initial Contact

Most of our client relationships are initiated by the prospective client contacting us for a meeting to discuss their fundamental and pressing financial or investment needs.

Prior to the initial Engagement Meeting we will hold a conversation by telephone to discuss your personal situation and determine the level of advice that you require.This important process enables us both to determine the value that you need from us and provide you with a guide to the cost of our expert advice.

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how we work

Engagement Meeting

Your Engagement Meeting can be carried out face-to-face or by Zoom. The purpose of the Engagement Meeting is to discuss your fundamental and pressing needs, collect your personal and financial information, and importantly to also understand your life aspirations.

To collect the necessary financial information to provide the high level of advice for your unique circumstances, we have designed a Personal Profile for you to provide your personal details, and financial position.

Should you wish to make best use of the time available in the Engagement Meeting, your Personal Profile can be completed by you prior to the meeting. Alternatively, the Personal Profile can be completed during the meeting. The information collected will be treated as strictly confidential.

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Strategy Meeting

At your Strategy Meeting we take you through our documented advice step by step, and explain in plain English the strategic steps that you will need to take to achieve your financial targets and life aspirations.

This strategic advice will be precisely tailored to your personal circumstances, your life aspirations, and to solve your fundamental and pressing needs.

To ensure that you have the best opportunity of achieving your financial targets, we will include in our documented advice how our Timeline Investing approach to investing will ensure that the investments recommended are tailored so that you have the best opportunity to achieve your strategic financial targets.

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Implementation Meeting

After you have absorbed your documented personalised advice, we provide a third meeting to review the advice with you and fine-tune it to your precise requirements.

Once you are happy with the advice, we start the implementation process which is made easy for you, as we provide you with a step by step procedure that is primarily implemented by our administration staff.

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Debrief Meeting

Implementing your strategic advice and the recommended investments to match the Draw Down Approach can be a complex process for most clients, so we bring it all together with a debrief meeting. This meeting usually takes place around three months after the implementation process has started.

During this meeting we review each step of the strategic advice implemented, what is still to be implemented in future years, to ensure that your understanding of the advice is complete.

We also take the opportunity of reviewing the initial progress of your investments and ensure that you are using the online investment platform to the best advantage.

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Ongoing Meetings

We monitor changes to legislation and macro events, so you do not need to concern yourself with these complex legal changes and macro events that influence markets.

We also evaluate each of your investments on an ongoing basis, providing recommendations where warranted.  Your role will be to stick to your strategic advice and communicate any current or potential changes that may require a change to the plan.

Depending on your need for advice we usually meet on an annual or semi-annual basis to check and refine your plan. We also meet when your situation changes to the extent which warrants a review of your plan. We also provide a detailed report on your recommended investments on a semi-annual basis.

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Paying for Advice

Operating a financial advice business incurs costs in proportion to our service levels.  Our fees contribute to the infrastructure, personnel and systems that produce very high-quality advice on six levels:

  • Initial financial analysis of your unique financial circumstances and life aspirations;

  • Determining the strategic advice to achieve the best financial outcome;

  • Selection of administration platform that fits the level and complexity required;

  • Determination of appropriate investments to match your strategic targets;

  • Periodic financial health checks; and

  • Background economic and investment watching brief.

Everyone has different needs and requirements of our expertise and service levels. However, the level of upfront advice cost and ongoing advice cost is determined on the level of value that we can provide for your circumstances and aspirations.

This ensures that you always receive great value for the advice that we provide and implement, both initially and on an ongoing basis.


Featured Client Success Story

We have been using Peter’s expertise in all things financial since 1990 and have always been impressed by his diligence, honesty and integrity. Our financial goals are on track under his care and we are always confident that he has our best interests at heart when making recommendations and investment decisions. We can highly recommend Peter and his dedicated team’

We have been clients of Peter for many years now. He has always given sound information in his newsletter on the performance of our investments and made appropriate suggestions as to and when they should be changed to ensure that they are performing to our needs.

I am a retired company accountant and have been comfortably living off reasonable interest and dividends until recently. A friend recommended Peter so we sought his advice to deal with the current and probably long term dilemma of low interest rates. Peter has provided my family with invaluable advice for the management of my investments both inside and outside Super.

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