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Veterans Affairs Pension and Benefits

Lanham Financial Advice has a respected relationship with the Department of Veterans Affairs and has built significant expertise in providing speciality financial advice and wealth management to Australia’s veterans and their families.

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) also provide care, compensation and commemoration for Australia’s veterans and their families.

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Age Service and Disability Pension

The Age Service Pension is paid to veterans, and to eligible partners, widows and widowers. The pension is income and assets tested in the same manner as the Age Pension.

There is also a Disability Pension provided by DVA to compensate veterans, the amount paid being dependent on the degree of disability.

If a Veteran dies due to war caused disease or injury their widow may be entitled to a pension known as the War Widows Pension. Receipt of the War Widows Pension automatically provides you with the Gold Card.

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Non-Taxable Pension and Invalidity Service Pension

This pension is not taxable, nor income and assets tested, and may be paid to a legally married spouse or defacto.

The Invalidity Service Pension is a payment to a Veteran who cannot work due to an incapacity, which is not as a result of war and who has not reached the Age Service Pension age.

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Concession Cards

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs automatically issues Concession Cards to those receiving a pension and which entitles the holder to a range of discounts on expenditures such as telephone, electricity, council rates and car registration.

In addition, the card entitles the recipient to reduced cost of prescription medicines listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

The DVA Gold Card entitles the holder to health care for all types of ailments and conditions, whether war caused or not.  There is a pharmaceutical benefits scheme and range of dental care.

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Featured Client Success Story

We have been using Peter’s expertise in all things financial since 1990 and have always been impressed by his diligence, honesty and integrity. Our financial goals are on track under his care and we are always confident that he has our best interests at heart when making recommendations and investment decisions. We can highly recommend Peter and his dedicated team’

We have been clients of Peter for many years now. He has always given sound information in his newsletter on the performance of our investments and made appropriate suggestions as to and when they should be changed to ensure that they are performing to our needs.

I am a retired company accountant and have been comfortably living off reasonable interest and dividends until recently. A friend recommended Peter so we sought his advice to deal with the current and probably long term dilemma of low interest rates. Peter has provided my family with invaluable advice for the management of my investments both inside and outside Super.

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